March 15, 2018

Here We Go A-Travelling...

Our friends and neighbors are French and spend half the year in their home in Brittany.  They have invited Richard and I to visit this summer.  We're super excited about the trip.  The flights, hotels, etc. have been booked. 

As usual, I made myself a travel journal.  I made something similar a couple of years ago and since the design worked well, I made a couple more - (one for me and one for a friend who going out west this spring - don't tell it's a surprise - the journal NOT the trip!)

7x10" paper 

print pages

fold papers in half, add holes to signatures with Japanese punch (each signature consists of 4 fold pages)

Assorted papers

paper adhered to canvas - overall size of canvas cut to 15Wx7.5L

water color soluble crayons - that didn't work as planned

layers of acrylic paint - that's better - it changes again with more paint (see #2 below)

color scheme for journal (#1) inspired by Cezanne

Dupioni silk adhered to reverse side of canvas (wonder under); holes punched in spine

(journal (#2) colors more suitable to out west); stitch decorative thread around all sides to front side of cover 

My journal (#1)

Journal #2

March 8, 2018

March 7, 2018

Imagine That...

It's hard to imagine getting through a day without creating something whether it be a new recipe, oil painting, stitching (anything!!) or jotting down ideas for work to come.

Now that I finished "Seeing Eye To Eye," it was time to play with oil paints.  I've been wanting to try my hand at abstract flowers - today is the day...and tomorrow, the day after, etc. to add more layers.

24x24x1.5 stretch canvas; very loose pencil drawing.  Using palette knife and a little brush work too.

Looking forward to getting back to this tomorrow...

March 4, 2018

Standing Tall

More elements added - now the apoxie sculpt needs time to cure to enable her to stand tall.

Soon the painting begins - I can hardly wait!